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Also, a transparent Gareki scanned from the acrylic keychain for your transparent Gareki purposes. Sorry if the scan kind of sucks but it’s already done at 600 dpi and IDK why it looks like this…

Feel free to use or edit in any way but credit would be appreciated.

"Just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at funny things and marvel at beautiful things and enjoy happy moments. You can still do happy things even if you are unhappy."
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their support is really cute and i love butterfly motifs !!

oh Lissa… she’s another character i thought i wouldn’t like, but she’s actually very capable and charming and in my second playthrough my Mu’s going to be male and Lissa’s going to be my gal!

and chrom will just have to deal with it!

Shishio, Suzume and Mamura by Yamamori Mika

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"I’m sorry Rin." 
"You… you idiot, this is dangerous." 
"It’s okay… See?! I don’t have a single burn at all. Because Rin made it so. So it’s okay!"
"A-A-Aren’t you scared of me?!" 
"I’m not scared." 
"… Is that so?" 


Some Fire Emblem, as requested by tasobi! I’ve only ever played the demo for FE:A, but it’s definitely a game on my to-do list.  So here’s some Gaius!  Sorry he kinda looks kinda like he’s a part of some k-pop group haha


travel diary pt. 2 to 日本 [first trip]

5 days in OSAKA➝KYOTO [apr16~20]




So we ask Pizza Hut to write a Black Butler Quote on our box right:


And what the fuck do we get??!?!?!


"Maybe watch a better anime"

WEll you know what Fuck You Pizza guy!!!!